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March 28 2017

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March 26 2017

Nie powinno się samemu jadać smacznych potraw, ani samemu czuwać, ani odbywać samotnie podróży, ani być sobie samemu jedynym doradcą czy że wszyscy ludzie chcą być kochani, lecz nikt nie chce kochać.
— J. Kawalerowicz, "Pociąg"
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March 25 2017

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March 19 2017

We are born without knowing how to talk and we die without having known how to express ourselves.
— F. Pessoa, "The Selected Prose of Fernando Pessoa"
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The leaves' greeness is worth more, for a right understanding, than a great thought, for the leaves' greeness is something you can show others, but you can never show them a great thought.
— F. Pessoa, "The Selected Prose of Fernando Pessoa"
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March 16 2017

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I am human by my hands and my feet, my guts, my meat heart, my stomach whose knots fasten me to the rot of life.
— A. Artaud, "Fragments of a Journal in Hell"
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It is impossible that I shall not some day discover a truth somewhere on the routes my blood carries me.
— A. Artaud, "Fragments of a Journal in Hell"

March 15 2017

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Only those who are more willfull than intelligent, more impulsive than rational, have a part to play in the real life of this world.
— F. Pessoa, "The Selected Prose of Fernando Pessoa"

February 27 2017

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Lucia Joyce is her father's daughter. She has James Joyce's enthusiasm, energy, and a not-yet-determined amount of his genius... When she reaches her full capacity for rhythmic dancing, James Joyce may yet be known as his daughter's father.
— "Paris Times", 1929
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February 21 2017

Jeśli jego życie było podróżą przez sztormy i burze, to nic dziwnego, że w końcu rąbnął go piorun.
— M. Woźniak, "Tyrmand zasłużył po śmierci na benefis"

February 16 2017

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July 05 2015

Rzeka nie zna pośpiechu. Któregoś dnia powinniśmy się tam udać.
— A.A. Milne
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June 30 2015

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